Selection Process

Scholarship Recipient Selection Process

  1. Parents submit Lee Academy Scholarship Application form by March 15th prior to the upcoming school year
  2. The application and financial income statements are reviewed by the Scholarship Foundation board members (to be graded on a checklist of criteria and ranked). The board members determine which applicants met all criteria except academic and behavioural.
  3. General criteria include financial need, number of dependents, parent/guardian status, member of a historically disadvantaged group as laid out in Ontario’s Human Rights Code, other socially disadvantaged groups
  4. Once an application is reviewed and approved by the board, and the applicant has met the school’s admission requirements, the board will formally approve the scholarship application
  5. Board members will determine what funds are available to give in the form of a scholarship to the family based on what donations have been given, the ability to help a family over the course of an elementary education (JK – 8) and if the family has more than one child who needs financial assistance
  6. If the application number becomes higher than twelve in a school year, the board has the option of setting a selection committee, drawn from retired teachers and community members